Importance of Breaks at Work

Unlike what you may think, you certainly do not have to work 24/7 to see good results at work. In fact, working hard continuously without allowing time away from work can decrease productivity, your well-being, and overall satisfaction. So why should you be taking a break, even at work?


For one, it can be really to tell yourself that you don’t need a break or that if anything, you can just take one later. Perhaps you can, however, your productivity will thank you when you can get a break from focusing on the same task. In fact, studies have been shown that small breaks of 5-20 minutes can greatly improve performance and productivity.

Lunch vs. Work Attitude

Did you know that taking breaks at work can help you maintain a healthy relationship with the job? In fact, those who spend time giving themselves a proper lunch break every day are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and remain in the same company for a long period. In addition, employees feel a greater need to work productively and willingly during hours knowing they get to take a break to eat without worrying about office demands during this time.

Small Breaks Work

A work environment where mini-breaks are allowed is one where employees’ productivity and well-being are increased. Mini breaks usually include making drinks, taking a quick walk around the office/building, or chatting to colleagues. Being able to do so gives you just enough mental breaks to where you feel able to get back to work when you’re done. Not only this but allowing socializing allows colleagues to feel more connected, establishing stronger teams.

Taking your proper 30-minute to hour-long break as needed for lunch and encouraging small breaks as needed reduces stress in employees, increases performance, and reduces the amount of time employees need at the end of the day to recover.